Hi there! I'm Aniket

I am a Product Designer who loves tech and loves being creative. I tends to involve some creative bits in everything I work on. I try to pick up different hobbies so to keep my learnin edge alive.

Let's talk professional first...

Product Design

UI/UX Designing is my career fit. I hold overan year of experience in Product design. Creating stunning visuals and designing a very great user experience is my forte. I have designed user flows for several apps, creating attractive landing pages for different companies. Selected work can be seen here. 👇🏼

Now let's see what attributes does this guy have.


I try to upskill myself to keep up with the technology, as the Web3 is about to be mainstream in a few years, I'll make sure to benefit from it. And yeah, also the fact that I love animations a lot. It could posibally be my new escape from my daily work life. Although I'm super Noobie in 3D, but I'll make my way to it. I do have a few projects but most of them aren't render yet. But here's one.

Hmm... Interesting right? What else?


I have been interested in everything except studies from my childhood. Art and craft was my escape from hours of boring lectures in school, which later developed into hobby and then into a skill.

Alrighty! At last....

Something about me

Other than this LinkedIn kind of an introduction, I am, just as I mentioned, interested in everything other than thesis bases subjects (Until it's tech related). I'm an Artist perhaps. I do a little bit of Music, Magic and Sports (Badminton and Football).I love making friends and interacting with new people, because EVERYONE teaches you something, sometimes good sometimes bad, It's up to you what you take.I'm not really active on social media, I do use Reddit though. But if you happen to DM me on twitter or any other platform I WILL get back to you! :)

Well, Ofc that's not all.... There's more to know about me. Let's connect and have a Chat.

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